Anna Swales



For as long as she can remember, art has had a big impact on Anna’s life. She started winning awards at a very young age starting with pencil drawings and as she got older her interests leaned towards wood carving, where she excelled again, becoming a recognized Master Wood Carver.

Years later Anna, with some close friends, decided to get tattoos. It was then, upon seeing the amazing work of the artist, that Anna set a new goal to become a TATTOO ARTIST. Anna took an intense tattoo course and found an apprenticeship under Jim Swales.

Anna is committed to her craft with a belief that art is an expression of the soul. Anna creates art that will never go out of style. Know as the go-to for black and grey realism, she also shows diversity in tattooing as she does in all her artistic endeavors. From realism to colour tattoo’s, Anna shows her competence in cover-ups as well as tattoo repairs.

“Tattoo’s are like dreams allowed to wonder outside of the mind, we bring your creative ideas together and then…to Life on your skin!”

Anna Swales




105 Walton St
Port Hope On, L1A 4E1