About Us

Located in Historical downtown Port Hope, Ravens Strange and Unusual Oddities and Tattoos provides Quality Custom tattoos. All our artists are trained in proper and safe tattooing to ensure safety for all our clients.

Offering Black and Grey, Tribal, Old School, Celtic, Bio-mechanical, Portraits,  Realism,  Media/Cartoons  and More!

Our Artists

Anna Swales

For as long as she can remember, art has had a big impact on Anna’s life. She started winning awards at a very young age starting with pencil drawings and as she got older her interests leaned towards wood carving, where she excelled again, becoming a recognized Master Wood Carver.

Jim Swales

As an artist at a very early age Jim would say he had a pencil in hand while in the womb. Starting out in Niagra Falls Jim has been tattooing since 1985. He is able to tattoo all genres ranging from Old School right through to New School and everything in between.


What Do I Want?

It is best if you have some idea of what you would like to get and where you may want it placed. It is alright if your idea is still vague so long as your concept is fairly clear.

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If you know exactly what you want, be prepared to have some flexibility as our artists will let you know what are the possibilities, limitations and potential your tattoo has.

Collect references, visual material, or even a list of what you have in mind. These do not have to be 100% put together, but It should aid us, by giving us a direction to visualize your concept.
note: We avoid doing direct copies of other tattoo artist tattoo work. We may do a version of it, but do not be alarmed if we object to copying it verbatim.


Flip though out portfolios, either online (which tends to be updated more frequently) or our hard copy portfolios in our shop.

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Do not expect to find your tattoo in them, instead these are to give you an idea of the kind of work our artists do, the style in which they work in and what kind of skills they have to offer.
If you feel this would suit the work you have in mind, then its time to set up a consultation and see if the two of you jive.

If our artists are not what you are looking for, then by all means we hope you find the artist who does.

Consultations & Appointments

Once you have decided on one of our amazing artists, it is best to set up a consultation; either by phone, in person.

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This is free and you can present your ideas to the artist. At the consultation, bring in whatever reference material you have and discuss the tattoo idea.

Depending on the situation you will be presented with some options:

1. If the artist and yourself have free time on the spot, you may be getting your tattoo at this time.

2. The artist does not have time at the moment and will suggest booking an appointment; for appointments we collect $100.00- $200 deposit (depending on the complexity of the tattoo) to ensure you a space.

3. The artist will need some time to put your design together, and will collect the deposit to begin the drawing, and will schedule a time for you to come in to take a look and perhaps make an appointment from there on if one has not been made already.



A deposit is generally $100.00 , unless the artist requires more due to the time involved in putting together a large detailed piece.

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The deposit is non-refundable and will deducted from the final payment of your completed tattoo; so essentially you will not be paying extra; simply paying a small amount in advance.
A deposit is required for an appointment, or for starting a drawing. If an artist has collected a deposit from you for a drawing, YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO PAY ANOTHER ONE for setting up an appointment.

To cancel an appointment without penalty, we require 24 hour notice. Failure to give us 24 hours notice will result in the entirety of your deposit being taken and we will require another $50.00 to book a new appointment date.
Failure to show up for your appointment with no notice whatsoever will result in losing your entire deposit. Please call if you are running late; it happens, we are very understanding.

​​If you request an artist to start drawing you a custom piece, be sure that you are confident in your idea, and that your description was clear, as once the artist starts the process, they will not refund your deposit simply because you have had a change of heart. Radical or complete changes in the direction of your design may result in the artist asking for a larger deposit.
If you need to postpone or cancel your appointment in a timely manner, your deposit will still remain with the shop until you are ready to rebook.

Tattoo Day

So it is finally time for you to be tattooed; it is best if you are well rested, and have had a meal recently.

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We suggest healthier alternatives such as orange juice and granola bars, though soft drinks, candy and chocolate are just as sufficient.

Being tattooed is a lot about endurance, and may use up your energy reserves. It is not uncommon for you to sweat, or feel fatigued. Just let us know if you are feeling uncomfortable. Being tired, hung over, hungry, or ill will make being tattooed that much more difficult for you.

In some instances people may faint; due to low blood sugar, a sudden adrenaline rush, or medical reasons. It is not common and never really from a excess of pain. If it is a medical condition or you are prone to fainting spells, let us know and we are able to accommodate.

Wear clothes that are appropriate for being tattooed in. Clothes that you will not care about if it gets stained with ink or blood. Keep in mind where you are being tattooed, and how we may comfortably access that space. Sometimes a backwards zip up or button up may be appropriate; or looser pants perhaps. It all depends and if you are unsure, ask your artist and they will be able to provide you with some sage advice.

Take a break if you need it, whether you need to use the washroom, go for a smoke, have something to eat, re-adjust your position, take a call, need to cough, or what have you.
Feel free to bring your portable music device, sometimes it helps to just tune out.

Breathe and try to relax; tensing up, and holding your breath will not help your cause. Sometimes it can actually make our job far more difficult. we get no pleasure in putting you through pain; we just love the artwork we do.






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